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All BUBU-AUTO EXPORT at Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd.
Grade Explanation
5.0 Almost New Car
4.5 Small Scratch, within 3 years from first register year, and less than 30,000km
4.0 Small scratch, tiny dent, less than 100,000km
3.5 Scratch and dent, need to be fixed
3.0 Big scratch and dent, need to be fixed
2.0 Worthless, need to be fixed
0A Core support or first member fixed
0B Inner panel fixed
0C Frame fixed
XX Accident

Before driving the vehicle over long distance, we recommend simple check of the Vehicle, such as Oil, Water, Belts, Brakes, Tires, etc.

Q2 : What if I was unhappy with the Vehicle's condition?

Please do not worry about the vehicle's condition, since all the vehicles sold by us are fully inspected by the professional Japanese Mechanics at our Service Factory.
However if you are unhappy with the car, we are here to cover the loss according to our Claim Clause.  Please contact us immediately.  Refer to our Claim Clause for more detail.

About Total Cost?
Q1 : What is included in the price on BUBU-AUTO EXPORT?

Price on BUBU AUTO EXPORT's Used Car List is based on FOB price.
FOB(Free On Board)means Car cost + Custom Clearing cost in Japan.
Please see Q2 below to see the total cost to own a Vehicle.

Q2 : What is the Total Cost required, to own a car?
FOB Car Cost + Custom Clearing cost in Japan
Pre-Shipment Inspection Fee (Only for the Clients of Bangladesh, Kenya, Mozambique, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and some other Countries where pre-shipment inspection is required.)
Freight (Shipping cost of your Country)
Insurance (If required)

Total amount to be remitted to BUBU AUTO EXPORT prior to the shipment.
Price appears on the Sales Contract. (C&F or CIF amount)
Pre-Shipment Inspection Fee US $400-. for the Countries, where it is required.

Extra Cost of Wharfage Charges
In-land Transport Fee (If necessary)
Other charges (if applicable)

Please ask your Local Clearing Agent for clarification of local charges to be paid after the vehicle arrives at the Destination Port.

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About Payment?

Q1 : How do I receive the Sales Contract ?

Your Sales Contract will be sent to you by email.  Please proceed with your Payment ASAP to ensure quickest shipment of your vehicle.

Q2 : When should I Pay?

Our stock is being Sale upon "First come, First serve" basis.
Please arrange payment ASAP and send us payment copy to secure the car.
We will reserve the car upon your full payment.

Q3 : When should I pay the Freight Cost?

Payment of the Freight is required prior to shipment.
We will ship the car upon payment of C&F or CIF amount indicated on the Sales Contract.

Q4 : What is BUBU AUTO EXPORT's Payment Method?

We accept following payment methods:

Quick & Easy Method

We receive/deal in the Payment through Bank Telegraphic Transfer (TT) only.

In some Countries dealing is only allowed through L/C basis.  In this case, please remit 25% in advance and for the balance amount you may open the L/C.

Q5 : What is your Bank Account detail?
Bank Account (US Dollar only)
Bank Name The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Branch Kanazawa Chuo Branch (Branch No.394)
Account Number 3830661 *USD only
Name of the Account Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd.

Our bank detail is also on the Sales Contract.  The payment to be receive in US Dollars.

Bank Account (JP Yen only)
Bank Name Mizuho Bank Ltd.
Branch Kohoku New Town Branch (Branch No.743)
Account Number 8036847 *JPY only
Name of the Account Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd.

* We accept JP Yen as well as US Dollars.
For T/T JP Yen, please make sure to use the designated account shown above.

Q6 : Can I pay by Credit Card?

We do not accept Credit Card as payment.
Please remit funds by Telegraphic Transfer as our preferred method of payment.

Q7 : Do you accept my Local Currency?

We require the payment to be received in U.S. Dollars. (or in JP Yen )
You can take the Sales Contract to your Bankers and they will advise you the equivalent of your Local Currency to pay the Bank.
Your Bankers will then convert your local currency and remit U.S. Dollar Currency (or in JP Yen) to us.


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About shipment ?
Q1 : How long does Shipment take?

Delivery of your vehicle to your nearest port will depend on the timing of your payment and the Shipping Company's schedule.
Please communicate with our Sales Consultant(s) about arrival date of the vessel at the Destination Port.

Q2 : How will I know about the Shipping Schedule?

Booking will be arranged by BUBU AUTO EXPORT.
Please wait to receive the Departure (ETD) and Arrival (ETA) Date of your shipment by email.
 In some cases, BUBU AUTO EXPORT will contact you to obtain further information if required before shipment, otherwise, leave it up to us.  We will advise shipment detail once the vehicle is confirmed for shipment by the Shipping Company.
Please keep a note of the Arrival (ETA) Date and confirm with the Local Shipping Agent in case the arrival date has been changed.

Q3 : What do I have to prepare for the Shipment?

In most case you need do nothing.  BUBU AUTO EXPORT will arrange the shipping on this side on your behalf.
Once you received a notice for booking, please keep a note of the Arrival (ETA) Date so that you can collect the car.

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About Important Procedures?
Q1 : Which documents do I need to receive the car?

The below documents will be required/sent by BUBU AUTO EXPORT.

* Customers Invoice
* Packing List
* Export (De-Registration) Certificate
* Bill of Lading
* Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate (where applicable)


* Other documents may be required, depending on your Country's Regulation.
Q2 : Do I need to contact the Clearing Agent?

Please consult with your Local Clearing Agent as soon as you found a car from our website.
They will quote you extra cost after landing at the port and also give you all the instructions to register in your Country.

Q3 : How do I find Clearing Agent?

You can choose your own reputable clearing agent in your Local Area, or you may wish to contact our preferred Clearing Agents in your Region.
Please ask us for the reference.

Important Information
About Importing vehicles to below Countries: 

Q1 :For Kenya, Uganda and Zambia Clients

Important Information :
JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center Co Ltd.) Inspection required !
What is JEVIC (Japan Vehicle Inspection Center Co Ltd.) is a Japanese Registered Company and has been involved in pre-shipment inspections / certification of used vehicles in various forms since 2001.
JEVIC has an intimate knowledge of the motor vehicle inspection business, the motor vehicle industry and the skills required to deliver a high quality and efficient service.
Booking of your vehicle for shipment will be arranged once the JEVIC inspection completed. Please pay the JEVIC Inspection fee of US$400 at the same time of payment for your vehicle.  Without JEVIC Certificate, Consignees will be required to pay 30% penalty of the CIF value at the Destination Port.

Q2 :For Bangladesh, Mauritius, Sri-Lanka and Tanzania Clients:

Information : JAAI Inspection required !
What is JAAI (Japan Auto Appraisal Institute) Inspection?  JAAI was established in 1966 under the approval of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Transport in Japan. Bangladesh, Mauritius, Sri-Lanka and Tanzanian Government requires JAAI inspection for the vehicles to be imported to the Country.  Inspection will be arranged by BUBU AUTO EXPORT before shipment.  This may take up to 10 days depending on how busy the Inspectors are.
Please pay the JAAI Inspection fee of US$400 at the same time of payment for your vehicle.  Without JAAI Certificate, Consignees will be required to pay 30% penalty of the CIF value at the Destination Port.

Q3 :For Mozambique Clients:

ITS (MOZ) Inspection required !
Mozambique Clients are required to:
Apply for Intertek Inspection in Japan before shipment.
To apply for Intertek Inspection in Japan
1. Please apply for MOZ number at your Local Intertek office.
Intertek International Ltd
Address: Edificio "Indel" Av. De Angola 2696 - 1 andar Maputo
TEL: + 258 21 467 070
FAX: + 258 21 467 051
Email: info.mozambique.fts@intertek.com
2. To apply for MOZ number you will need the invoice with the Engine number indicated which will be issued from us, BUBU AUTO EXPORT.
3. Once you have obtained MOZ Number please send to us by e-mail or FAX
4. BUBU AUTO EXPORT will apply for Intertek inspection in Japan before shipment
This may take up to 10 days depending on how busy the inspectors are.
Booking of your vehicle for shipment will be arranged once the Intertek inspection is completed.

Q4 :For Caribbean Clients:

Important Information:  Correct Street Address required!   Please note that your Street Address will be required since the U.S. Government's Department of Homeland Security does not allow imports of vehicles for Clients with just their P.O. Box Address in the Caribbean.  Ensure that your Street Address is correct when you fill in the order form.   And we can book your vehicle for shipment and prepare the Shipping Documents accordingly.

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Q1 : Why Mileage so Low?

Japan is very dense country. In addition, the transportation system is very extensive, especially in the Metropolitan Area.  It is not common for most people to use their cars for their daily commute to school or the office.  The people mainly use their cars on the weekend for pleasure, shopping and short trips.

Q2 : What is the BUBU AUTO EXPORT's Claim Policy?

We are confident about our car quality, but if you are unhappy about the condition, please contact us ASAP according to our Claim Clause.  Our Claim Clause is applicable on European and American Cars only.  See as below:

1. No claim shall be accepted unless:
a. the FOB amount of the vehicle purchased is above US$9,000
b. claimed damages is above US$700
(the Buyer shall bear US$699 as a repair cost per car);
c. the age of the vehicle is less than 8 years;
d. for engine and transmission trouble, the number of mileage driven of the vehicle is less than 100,000km.
e. the Buyer notify the Seller of any claim in detail in writing within 14 days after the arrival of the vehicle at the destination, specified in the bill of lading;
f. the following documents are presented by e-mail or facsimile within 7 days after the notice in sub paragraph, above ; port authority's report of any damage or missing items from the vehicle, a reputable local garage's report and quotation in U.S. Dollar currency for repairs, and photos of any damage.

2. The Seller shall not be liable for;
a. interior damages that are judged as minor and non-need of mention or invisible (including without limitation scratches, cigar burns, stains and cuts);
b. missing or damaged interior equipments (including without limitation shift knobs, head rests, sun shades, spare tires, jack tool kits, floor mats, cigarette lighter, and remote controls);
c. exterior damages that are judged as minor and non-need of mention or invisible (including without limitation scratches, tiny dents, holes and small rust); or
d. snow tires after market alloy wheels not mentioned or missing wheel lock nut.
e. any consumable parts including without limitation oil, fuel, tire tread, air-conditioning gas, etc

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